What my clients say

Andy Musgrove

Great PT, quick to respond to enquiries, flexible and knows how to work with clients needs. Worked out in local parks and in private garden. Great sessions, worked hard.

Very personable and approachable. Highly recommend

Claire Cleveland

PT sessions with Tristan were brilliant. No funny fads, no weird products to upsell just pure and simple brilliant training with healthy ideas and maintainable changes. The app is great for tracking progress and you’ll see cheeky goals being added to your profile 😁 excellent communication and all round great training

Barry Titmus:

Trained with Tristan for a while, he helped me lose nearly 2 stone and changed my body shape massively, I also loved how he said to that I can still have the foods I love and still see amazing results, would highly recommend Tristan as a PT.

Nayena Gami:

Tristan was a great PT – always pushed me to achieve the best results and made me love weight training!

Sam Stephenson:

Great trainer! Adapted the training to my goals and abilities. Would highly recommend!

Galina Jupp:

Tristan is a great professional, enthusiastic about what he is doing and a lovely worm person! He managed to motivate myself and my 13 year old daughter and make us really work out and sweat in our sessions with him !!! Tristan also gave us some valuable tips on healthy eating. We would highly reccomend him as a personanal trainer!

Lyndsey Bradshaw:

I have always struggled to find a trainer who really ‘gets’ what you are trying to achieve. Good, honest, practical advice on personal training plans and also nutritional advice/plans which in my view go hand in hand with your training. I am about to start my marathon training and will be calling on Tristan to get me in shape!

Christina Williams:

I started training with Tristan the year before I turned 50. He quickly understood how hard I wanted to work, which was hard. By the time I went away to Sri Lanka for my birthday I really was in excellent shape. He was very professional, listened to me and we had fun as well. Couldn’t recommend Tristan highly enough and am very sad he has moved away from my area.

Kersten Luts:

I trained with Tristan last year and he helped me get over a back injury and improve my stamina and muscle mass. He is an excellent coach, extremely knowledgeable and all round nice guy – I highly recommend training with him.

Katie Beaulah:

Great sessions, very varied and challenging 👍👍 Tristan is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff, offering advice on all aspects of fitness and nutrition. Love attending the fitness sessions definitely feel like I have had a workout and feel motivated. Much more fun than sitting on the machines in the gym and I am feeling fitter already

Sheralyn Edwards:

I saw Tristan for some sessions last year after midlife had deposited some extra pounds around my middle I was a bit unsure about working with a male trainer but he was really easy to get on with and just what I needed. Really listened to what I was looking to achieve, pushed me to do what I thought I couldn’t and was really encouraging. He even gave me the opportunity to try some boxing – which was something I had always wanted to do! Love the look of the new outdoor fitness sessions so may well be back for more!

Ash Carr:

Having worked with Tristan for about 6 months a while back, his keen attention to detail and methods helped me get into the correct mindset to achieve my goals. Having lost 4st since I want to thank Tristan for all his help. 😁

Jane Bayler:

I worked with Tristan Lane for a few months – I always found him helpful, respectful and polite – full of healthy tips and of course an excellent trainer who always gave me a varied and valuable workout. Highly recommended!

Emma Hopkinson:

My Husband and I have been training (separately) with Tristan for a couple of months now and are already seeing results that have far exceeded our expectations. Not only are our sessions varied and diverse but we have both found a new passion in boxing and with Tristan’s help, we are setting and meeting targets that are helping us to get closer to our overall goal. Highly recommend- thanks Tristan!

Lynette Cobb:

“Tristan made me realise that there was more to why I struggled to reach my goals, sometimes I wasn’t eating enough and there were also times I wasn’t drinking enough. He taught me how to understand food labels, set me up calorie goals and gave me helpful advise to follow. He helps me to look at myself and realise that I am worth something. I’m someone who gets bored easily with repetitive workouts, but there is always a good mix of things to do and I am able to challenge myself even though all my training is done online from home. I couldn’t recommend him enough!!”

Tina V Vandenbroeck:

“Well what can I say about the Dynamic coach, he brings out the best in people and he also helps his clients reach their goals whether that’s weight loss or muscle building. He does his very best to help you reach your goals. I have always dreamt of being lean and I can’t believe I’m nearly there all thanks to the dynamic coach”.

Claire Louise:

“Tristan is a fantastic Personal Trainer. He always pushes me to my max then makes exercises harder! Tristan is great at working with me to achieve my personal goals and adapts our workouts to my high demands!!
I highly recommend Tristan as a PT”.

Louise Wilson:

“My son has been training with Tristan for a few months and he loves it. It really boosts his self esteem, and confidence as well”.

Victoria White:

“I recently started training with Tristan and the workouts he has given me have been fantastic. A very knowledgable guy on his fitness. Pushing me that little more to achieve my goals. Looking forward to getting results. Thanks Tristan”.

Natalie Milne:

“My boyfriend and I trained with Tristan to build our strength and knowledge in training. I had always shied away from weight training but wanted to gain muscle definition and strength and my boyfriend wanted to get back into building muscle. Tristan was able to combine both our goals and quickly worked out how to get the best out of each of us by using our competiveness and individual strengths against each other. Tristan kept the sessions fun (even through the pain) and we rarely had a session that didn’t involve laughter at some point.”

Jon Gili-Ross:

“What a top guy. I’ve never been a habitual gym go-er. People tell me they go to the gym 3 times a week, I used to go 3 times a year max! Having someone who doesn’t make you hate the gym is perfect for me. In 6 months I’ve lost 4 stone 2lbs, 6 inches from my waist and an amazing 8 inches from my chest!! I’d recommend him to anyone who’s not in the habit of going to the gym; lots of different exercises so it never gets boring and I feel like I’ve learned something every time I go, plus being a nice guy who’s polite and professional but easy to get on with is for me, the perfect mix. My motivation was and is my wife & two kids – seriously just SIGN UP – what are you waiting for?”

John Vinu:

“After a gap of many years I was fortunate to have found Tristan who became my PT. I was all anxious and apprehensive but he guided me with inspiration, motivation and self confidence to achieve the goals set.
The fine tuning by Tristan during the sessions helped prevent any injury. Great Trainer!”

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