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Tristan Lane is a Personal Trainer in Chorleywood. Specialising in outdoor, location and home personal training as well as offering online personal trainer services. Group training sessions are also available. He has helped hundreds of people over the years improve their health and fitness and dedicates his time to making sure you achieve your goals. 

Chorleywood is an ideal location for fun filled training sessions being close to the common and other parks, there are plenty of large open green areas. Home training is also provided with varied and sustainable exercise programs coupled with health and food guidance. He provides all the equipment to help you build strength, lose fat and tone up. Tristan also specialises in post op recovery programs which are designed specifically for your needs.

Tristan’s unique approach and experience will guarantee motivational and educational programs that are sustainable long into the future. Success is based on education and that is exactly what he provides in his training. His tailored workout programs are designed in his own personal app and are easy to follow. Results are guaranteed as long as your commit to the exercise program. You will get full support from Tristan along your journey as well as accountability to help keep you on track. Its not just about transforming your body, its about improving your mindset, confidence, stress, sleep and happiness. 

  • Weight loss
  • Back care
  • Core strength
  • Flexibility
  • General health and fitness
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Muscle building
  • Post-op recovery
  • Posture
  • Sport specific training plans

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personal training in Chorleywood
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