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How does online personal training work?

Let me guide you towards your goal through online personal training in my own personal app using a bespoke exercise program with video tutorials as well as live support in video and messenger. This is complimented with nutritional advice and guidance and my very own recipe book so that you’re not eating boring bland foods all the time. In addition, we can track and log all your body and workout stats to keep you accountable. We can also sync fitness watches like FitBit as well as track your nutrition by syncing the ‘My FitnessPal app. I’ll help you set goals and challenges to keep you motivated and change your habits. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight or train for a specific sport or event I can help you get there via my online personal training app.

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Nutrition can sometimes seem complicated and confusing. Which is why I like to make things simple and easy to follow. You will be able to track everything through my online personal training app using my fitness pal and I will calculate your nutritional requirements for you to get the most effective results. We will also have weekly or monthly check ins where we will discuss your nutrition. Through my app I will set you up with daily tasks and habits to work on so you learn how to maintain your results. 

Online Training App

Online Training Program

Your online training program will be completely tailored to your requirements and include video demonstrations so you wont get stuck. Whatever equipment you have you will be able to access on demand workouts such as HIIT, Strength, Core, Resistance Band, Kettlebell, Dumbbell and barbell workouts.  You will be able to track body stats and log all your progress through my online training app. I will set you goals and challenges to make sure you stay motivated and consistent. Choose whether to build muscle, lose fat, recover from an injury, improve posture, build core strength, increase mobility or just improve general fitness.

Live Online Coaching

With my online personal trainer app, you will get all the motivation and support you need from me either in messenger or video chat. There are various pack options you can purchase and it all depends on how much support you need. We can have weekly 1to1’s through video chat where we will discuss your mindset, lifestyle and nutrition. Or if you would prefer we can just chat in messenger. I’ll be available most of the time so if you have any questions regarding your program, exercise or nutrition then feel free to contact me through messenger.

Monthly Recipe Book

When losing fat finding foods that are healthy, convenient and tasty can be difficult for some which is why I created this book. Every month you will receive your very own recipe eBook full of 30 healthy, delicious meal ideas. Each Recipe has been macronutrient calculated and comes with a MyFitnessPal barcode scanner to make tracking nutrition easier. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch and desserts. 

10 Healthy Lifestyle eBook Guides

There’s so much confusing information on the internet its hard to know what to believe and who to trust. I created these 10 eBooks to help my clients better understand their mindset and nutrition, as well as learn how to build healthy sustainable habits for long term success. You will receive these eBooks completely free when you subscribe to one of my online coaching packages.


What is online personal training?

Online Fitness Coaching is a great alternative to 1-2-1 training sessions. If you’re a busy individual and unable to commit to regular face to face sessions or are comfortable with training on your own but still want that same support then this type of training will suit you. Its the same as personal training but all done online through my app. You would have specific exercise programs written and personalized for you and exercise videos to refer to for techniques. We have weekly or monthly meetings through video calls where we will discuss you mindset, lifestyle and nutrition and I provide daily support and guidance through messenger. 

I know that one size doesn’t fit all so all my programs are completely tailored to your lifestyle and goals. I have various subscriptions and it all depends on what your needs are. If you just need a workout program and some accountability or if you need weekly support and want to learn more about nutrition then I will be there with you all the way. 

Online coaching takes commitment but if you want to learn more about nutrition, exercise and transform your lifestyle and physique, then this type of training is ideal for you. Results are guaranteed as long as you commit to the program. 



Accredited and qualified

CYQ level 3 certificate in personal training
CYQ level 3 applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity program
Certificate in advanced exercise programming
Registered boxercise instructor through boxercise
Boxing pad work and drills course
Recovery Plus- bespoke post-surgery recovery program
TRX qualified from TRX
Advanced kettlebells level 2 YMCA

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