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Home personal training is fun and motivational. If you are looking for an experienced personal trainer to train you in the comfort of your own home then you have come to the right place.  Let me bring the gym to you with equipment from kettlebells to medicine balls. Build strength, tone up and lose fat.

Why should you hire a home personal trainer?

  • Health Conditions: Reduce the risk of suffering from chronic health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. 
  • Staying Active: Not doing any exercise or keeping active can have a detrimental effect on your health. You may lose your ability to do certain tasks and lose motivation as you get older. 
  • Depression: Physical exercise will help to improve your mood and reduce feelings of depression by increasing your levels of endorphins, dopamine an serotonin.
  • Muscle and Strength: As we age and our hormones change we naturally lose muscle. Resistance training will help to preserve muscle mass which in the long term will preserve your metabolism.
  • Confidence: If you don’t enjoy or feel confident going to the gym then building up your fitness and strength from home is a great place to start. 

What’s involved in the training at home?

Combining aerobic and anaerobic activity and muscle strengthening exercises are the best types of exercises for fat loss. Selecting exercises that target all the major muscle groups 2-3 times a week are the most effective. The training sessions combine a variety of different methods such as HIIT, Circuit Training and strength and conditioning to help build your metabolism and increase strength. 

It’s important to do things you enjoy so when I put together an exercise program for my clients its always varied, enjoyable and tailored to their specific needs. We will use equipment such as kettlebells, medicine balls, sand bags, battle ropes, resistance bands, TRX and boxing pads to give you the most effective workouts. 

home personal trainer


Trained with Tristan for a while, he helped me lose nearly 2 stone and changed my body shape massively, I also loved how he said to that I can still have the foods I love and still see amazing results, would highly recommend Tristan as a PT.

Barry Titmus

Tristan is professional, enthusiastic about what he is doing and a lovely warm person! He managed to motivate myself and my 13 year old daughter and make us really work out and sweat in our sessions with him !!! Tristan also gave us some valuable tips on healthy eating. We would highly recommend him as a personal trainer!

Galina Jupp

I have always struggled to find a trainer who really ‘gets’ what you are trying to achieve. Good, honest, practical advice on personal training plans and also nutritional advice/plans which in my view go hand in hand with your training. I am about to start my marathon training and will be calling on Tristan to get me in shape!

Lyndsey Bradshaw

Tristan was a great PT – always pushed me to achieve the best results and made me love weight training!

Nayena Gami

I started training with Tristan the year before I turned 50. He quickly understood how hard I wanted to work, which was hard. By the time I went away to Sri Lanka for my birthday I really was in excellent shape. He was very professional, listened to me and we had fun as well. Couldn’t recommend Tristan highly enough and am very sad he has moved away from my area.

Christina Williams

I trained with Tristan last year and he helped me get over a back injury and improve my stamina and muscle mass. He is an excellent coach, extremely knowledgeable and all round nice guy – I highly recommend training with him.

Kersten Luts