Which is best – complex or simple carbohydrates?

Let’s look at sweet potatoes vs white potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are often labelled as being healthier then white potatoes. In reality both are full of nutrients and are roughly the same amount of calories.

White potato’s actually provide more potassium and protein. Sweat potato’s contain more vitamin A and vitamin C. Both contain the same amount of fibre.

Scientific evidence doesn’t support glycemic load affecting body weight, blood glucose control, inflammation and appetite. Total calorie intake has a much bigger impact on health markers.

Which is best – brown pasta vs white pasta?

Brown pasta on the other hand does have more vitamins, minerals and fibre and is less refined then white pasta. But protein, carbohydrate and calorie content remains similar. So if you’re going to go for the healthier choice then choose brown pasta. But if you don’t like it then white is fine.

Overall white carbohydrates can form part of your diet and are not as bad as people make out. I personally love them and would never cut them out. The problem comes down to the high fatty high sugar foods that go with potato’s and pasta. If eating white pasta helps you adhere to your diet that’s absolutely fine.

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My final thoughts

The key is in not labelling foods as good or bad but lookat your diet as a whole. Are you eating enough fruit and veg? Are you eating enough protein? Do you snack lots? How much alcohol are you consuming?

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