Getting started with a new weight loss plan is one thing, but continuing to stick to it can be challenging. Have you ever started a weight loss plan with a goal only to realize that you’re losing interest even before you reach the third day? Many people have found themselves in such a situation – they start a weight loss diet and exercise plan, but fail to implement it permanently. The diet part is simpler to implement permanently but exercising requires you to have constant motivation.

You started the weight loss plan because you wanted to reach a certain goal and it is crucial to keep reminding yourself of this. Regardless of what your exact goal is or what diet you want to try, following a weight loss plan should never be hard. Tell yourself and believe that you are destined for success. If you have started a new plan but have since stopped, try again and work to keep yourself motivated and make things happen this time. If you don’t know how to stay motivated during your weight loss journey then read this article!

Article Summary: The following are five tips to help you stay motivated during your weight loss plan. Use these tips and work towards achieving your desired weight loss goal.

1. Set Realistic Goals And Track Progress;

2. Reward Yourself On Accomplishing Goals;

3. Use Medical Motivation;

4. Don’t Try So Hard;

5. Set A Quiz For Yourself.

  1. Set Realistic Goals And Track Progress

You never know where you’re going unless you know where you’re coming from. Set achievable goals and keep records of your progress. You can get a notebook and jot down your stats or create a spreadsheet on your computer. Tracking your progress motivates you to carry on with the plan. You can track your progress by weighing yourself or calculating your body mass index. When you look back and see how far you’ve come, you’ll be motivated not to revert to your old habits.

  1. Reward Yourself On Accomplishing Goals

The best way to stay motivated is to reward yourself for every successful weight loss stage. You can reward yourself with items other than food such as a movie night or a trip to your favorite place. People love different things so you can reward yourself based on what you like most. You can go for afternoon golf or fishing. Reading a new book or watching movies on a lazy Saturday is an excellent reward for those who love passive leisure activities.

  1. Use Medical Motivation

Approximately 65% of people want to lose weight to have an impressive physical appearance. Only 35% of them do it for medical health. When you feel that you’ve already achieved that nice figure, motivate yourself to continue doing it for health and improved quality of life.

  1. Don’t try so hard

The secret to excellent weight-loss outcomes isn’t based on how hard you try. Even in a car, it’s not the full fuel tank that motivates you to drive. You only fill it to prevent the car from running out of fuel. The same case applies to your weight loss plan. Let motivation be intrinsic. If you realize that the motivation is waning, take a break from the exercise or diet plan for 2-3 days. Let the plan run on a natural course.

  1. Set a quiz for yourself

A quick healthy quiz can boost your motivation to keep soldiering on with your weight loss plan. Set the following questions and get answers for them, based on your progress:

●          What will my health be like if I stop my exercise plan?

●          How will I feel one year from now if I stop my weight loss plan?

Bottom line

If following a weight loss plan to the end was easy, then slimming down would be a thing of the past. Losing weight is hard and everyone needs daily motivation to keep managing it. Grab this opportunity and try some of these motivation tips. The process may be challenging but the benefits are worth the try. Make sure to cheer each other on! Keep focused and be goal-oriented, tracking your daily progress during your journey will make it all worthwhile in the end!

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